We would like one of our remote VPN clients to use proxy server for Internet
access after they have established the VPN. Here is the setup:

Remote site has a BM VPN client that connects to main site.
Main site has one BM firewall acting as both VPN host (master) and proxy

We want the remote VPN client to connect in and utilize the proxy server for
HTTP browser access as opposed to using it's own local Internet connection.
After we establish the VPN session, the client can ping the private side of
the BM server, but cannot access the proxy. As soon as we attempt to browse
through proxy, pinging the private NIC of BM server fails for about 30-60
sec. Then it works again until we try to proxy through proxy. Browsing
through proxy fails. SSL login screen never appears, only "Page can't be
displayed". Browser is setup to use proxy.

Any thoughts?