Server: ZCM10.3.4 (was and before). sles10_64

- From the SLED11 (FF) open server
- go to the
- This folder i see list bundles with columns:
"Status" "Name" "Type" "Category" "Enabled" "Version"
- For Bundle "Copy of Create_D_INSTALLZCM" i see:
"Bundle Status" != Normal

- Ok.. Open this Bundle and see:
"Number of errors not acknowledged:" = 3
and in the "Message Log" (after press REFRESH) i see this error messages...
This is OK.

- At the LEFT ("Bundle Tasks") i see Button: "Acknowledge All Messages".

- Press to this "Acknowledge All Messages"

After this:
"Number of errors not acknowledged:" = 0 and this is OK.

- Back to the "/Bundles/MyBundles/" and i see AGAIN:
"Bundle Status" != Normal

Logout | Login. Reboot ZCM server... do not resolver this problem... again and again:
"Bundle Status" != Normal

If not to press the button "Acknowledge All Messages" And to open each message, in each message to mark
"Acknowledge" and "Delete" and after that to press "Next Message" - All will BE OK(Without an error which has described above).

Why button "Acknowledge All Messages" works incorrectly?
How to correct?