I recently did a packet trace on a workstation and noticed a lot of traffice going to the primary servers and not just the satellite server.

I have a 10.3.3 environment with Windows 2003 servers and Full SQL 2005. A Windows XP workstation as a satellite server. That satellite server has Content, Authentication and Collection configures. It also has a Closest Server Rule set to a CIDR /16 IP address.

I am not sure why, but the workstation seems to hit the primary server first and even another primary server second. Then during login it does seem to hit the satellite server a bit but it hits the primary server just as much and like I said earlier it seems to hit another primary server that isn't configured for that site. I do have content on all Primary servers so I understand it hitting these servers some, but during authentication and during content retrieval I am confused at why it wouldn't be smacking the satellite server to no end and not the primary servers.

I need to make sure I have satellite servers and primary server configured correctly due to connection issues. Please, any help on configuration would be appreciated. Thanks.