Hi All:

I am not quite sure where to ask this question, but seeing as it related to
removing a VPN I'll ask here.

The current environment I have is musltiple offices located in different
cities all connected with a BM VPN.

A new environment is being implemented whereby the WAN will be supplied by
the Telco company, sort of a private IP network through the Telco network.
A decision has been made to have no firewall between the different offices,
but to rely on the workstations security configuration using primarily Anti
virus, a client side firewall, maintaining OS patches and workstation
rights. The workstations are all MS Windows based XP, 2000 and some NT4.

Would anyone care to comment on this proposed configuration. Personally I
see the non firewalled intercity connection as a risk, using the
workstations as the point of security as being too many points of
administration. I guess the list could go on.

Thank you.