We have eight servers in seven buildings connected via a BM38 VPN over a T-1 line running into each building from our state ISP. We are using student management software that has a main database at one locations and smaller databases in each other building that access the main database. When initiating a student withdrawal or enrollment, the workstation accessing that function at the main database and it is, on average, anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes for the app to load.

Data from each outer location is transferred to the main database as scheduled, but can take an extremely long time.

Our ISP (a division of our state board of education) monitors each circuit and feels we have "bottleneck" at the main office on the LAN, specifically at the switch between the router and the server housing the student management software and recommends we try a larger, heavier performance switch.

How can we make sure that the VPN is operating optimally and not contributing to the latency problem?

Sorry to be so long-winded and thank you for any thoughts and suggestions,