Hi all,

We're looking at adding dsfw into the mix in our network (primarily OES2SP3 on SLES10sp4) as we've now got a requirement for AD authentication & access to "native" windows filestorage on a Win2k8 box.

Our eDir setup is something like:-


HO, Site1 & Site2 are geographically separate & linked by different speed WAN links. Each container is partitioned with the Master for each being held on the on-site server, this having a R/W replica of the other partitions. Users do occasionally travel between sites & some file data is shared (ncp map to remote site server).

The simplest format would be to create a name-mapped domain at the Org level, but what about login times over the WAN links, and what if the links are down?

Is it better to have the primary dsfw domain at the Org level & then trusts to child domains at each OU? Or the single domain with ADC machines at each remote site - and if so how to persuade the machines to authenticate to the "local" dsfw dc (still no "sites" option like with MAD)?

Any tips, tricks or best practice recommendations gratefully received!