When I launch the VPN Client from inside Windows, everything works great.

When I try to use the "VPN Lan" option from the Novell Client it says it
cannot find the tree. The status of the VPN shows that a connection was
made and was authenticated but I am unable to ping or use anything. When I
log in locally I have an established VPN but nothing works. If I
disconnect then relogin using the VPN Client, it works fine.

The only difference that I can find is that when the VPN is established
from the VPN Client, the key management is "nated-skip". When trying to
use the "VPN Lan" option in the Novell Client, it says "skip".

I'm trying to make this VPN as easy as possible for a computer novice.

Your help is appreciated.

BM 3.7sp3
Novell Client 4.91 SP1
VPN Client 3.6

The BM server is on a public ip and the remote computer is behind a nat.
The VPN works fine from the VPN client, but not from the Novell client.