_IF_ we plug the laptops into the wired ports on the router, the C2S VPN
connects and we _can_ ping the server - it's only the wireless
connection that's at issue - wireless the VPN still connects just fine
but I cannot ping the server.

In the router configuration screens, there are several items one can
change, things about the way ACK works, etc. Is there anything in here
that's a known "gotcha"? It's got a "protected" mode that's supposed to
improve performance and is turned on by default. Turning it off doesn't
solve the problem.

The unusual thing about the router is that it's labeled "Pre-N" - it's a
new Belkin. It supports a new wireless standard that hasn't been
ratified yet, and if I were to purchase a PC Card wireless NIC to match
the router, it's supposed to offer greatly increased performance. I
bought the router but not the NIC and thus am using the thing in
whatever mode it now connects, assumably "G".

I have purchased 3 of these routers, one for me, two for clients, and
all three exhibit exactly the same behavior.

If it matters, our private network at the Site is 192.168.21.x, and the
routers are all configured as 192.168.something_other_than_21.x.

TIA for any suggestions as to where to look on this one.