I am running zman locally on my windows 7 machine. I used the instructions found here (HOWTO: Running ZCM's zman utility from a local Windows workstation | Novell User Communities). So far this is working perfect for me doing bundle assignments. We are now using pxe to auto image our training rooms. So i can use zman to bundle assign the image but the next step is to apply the image. In zman the command is "zman iaaib". Since i am running zman locally i am sure i just need to install an additional msi located on the server. When we implemented ZRS i had to install some of the reporting server components to make zman use its reporting commands. Does any know which install i would need to run in order to run "zman iaaib" locally ? I have tried the following msi's below already and the command still wont work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.