Ok, I've been banging my head against the wall for several weeks, ok moths to overcome the failure of the Autologon in the Windows 7 Sysprep.

Here is the Scenerio

We create incremental images with customazations for Windows.

In the base image we install Drivers and Patches. We do not Sysprep this image

In the 2nd Image we use the administrator account to, customize Windows, install the Novell Client 2 SP 1 IR 8 and the ZCM Preagent We Sysprep this Image. After further syspreping this image.

Sysprep Fails with Invalid name or Password

Before Syspreping the Workstation each time we run a script with the following commands.

zac unr -u sysprep -p sysprep
zac unr -u sysprep -p sysprep -f
zac fsg -d
zac cc

I can post the unattend.xml file if that is helpfil to anyone