I have run LOAD DSREPAIR on all netware servers and all but one have shown zero errors. One server however keeps showing that there are 3 errors. Below is the DSREPAIR.log. Any feedback on fixing this issue would be appreciated.

Thank you,

/************************************************** **************************/
NetWare 1602.00 Directory Services Repair 20213.03, DS 20216.51
Log file for server "SERVER-NAME" in tree "TREE-NAME"

** Automated Repair Mode **
Repairing Local Database
Start: Day, Date TIME Local Time

** All disk amounts are approximations **
Disk space currently available: 14830 MB
->DSRepair may need to use: 154 MB
->Disk space remaining after operation: 14822 MB

Physical Check
Creating Temporary Files
Repair Trees - Scan Values
Repair Trees - Sorting Values
Repair Trees - Scan Entries
Repair Trees - Sorting Entries
Repair Trees - Check Values
Repair Trees - Check Entries

ERROR: Could not track parent of subordinate count. Error: -150

ERROR: updating object 8065 Error: -150

WARNING: The current dib set name is set to: NDT
NOTICE: Successfully set current dib set to: nds

Repair process aborted

** Automated Repair Mode **
Finish: DAY, DATE TIME Local Time
Total repair time: 0:00:30