I have experienced on 4 occassions, where the VPN client 3.8.9 created
major problems in XP pro. These were not clean machines but were
working fine. After the install all network services were unavailable.
I have never had an issue with freshly installed machines.

I was unable to access any network properties to attempt a repair.
I was unable to repair two of the four, and had to reinstall from scratch.

Right now I have a consultant on the east coast that needs access and it
failed in the same way on three of his machines. One of which he had to
reinstall and won't try it again.

One thing in common is all computers had a second network card. Most
were wireless/cat5 and one was 2 cat5's.

I read about a centrino wireless issue but this does not seem to be the
case here. Also have tried running the regclean utility with no luck.

Any Ideas are appreciated.

I do have an older HP XT385 that I can reproduce the problem on. It's a
P4 2.2 with intel wireless (non-centrino) XPPro SP2 and 1 gig ram.

This computer exhibits this problem if I use the HP recovery disks to
install but works fine with an installation from a XPPro SP2 disk.


Rick Miller