Under Zenworks 7 our GPO's worked pretty good and behaved the way we expected but under ZCM I am becoming increasingly frustrated with how they seem to "erase" themselves when something doesn't go right with the logon process. What the results are include Windows update being enabled, Firewall being enabled, etc, etc...

I have been unsuccesfull in finding a setting or a way to make the GPOs default to being "persistent" like in the zenworks 7 days. It seems like the new default in zcm is to have no policies at all.

My current thoughts are to give up using ZCM group policies and instead plug all the policies into a reg file and deliver them with a bundle instead, thus eliminating the problem with ZCM wiping all the policies if something goes haywire at logon. Does that seem like a good idea?

I guess what I want now that I am typing it out is a way to have my policies stick unless I explicitly undo them.