For months we have been trying to get the BM developers to acknowedge a bug
when using an analogue modem with multiple traffic rules (a single traffic
rule works). It breaks the MS PPP adaptor and thus doesn't work.

For anyone one that doesn't know, the offical line from the BM developers
is analogue modems (i.e. a temporary ASYNC PPP Dial Adaptor) and the VPN
Client isn't supported because the VPN Client can't bind to a temporary
adaptor (so I'm told).

If this is not supported, why then does the Dial-Up feature appear on the
VPN Client and why does it allow you to select an analogue modem?!!

Most users we come across want to use the VPN Client and an internal modem
in their laptop, this is a pretty standard sort of thing......isn't it?

I am very disappointed it took around 6 months to be told this.

I'm interested in other people's point of view, perhaps it's only in the UK
that people still use analogue modems..??