So here is a head scratcher. We had one hold out device on the Nokia/GW
Mobile Sync software, so I've been working on moving that account to
Datasync. I had problems with reliable syncing in build 343, so as part
of this I updated Datasync from 343 to 579 with the patch 1.

This particular account receives XML files attached to email and opens
them in the mobile browser, in this case Opera, as it did the best
parsing. Since the update to build 579, the XML files are corrupt and
Opera (and anything else that I try and open them in) says there is a
parse error or just doesn't open the file.

I know its something in Datasync, as it used to work. Also downloading
the files via webmail allows them to be opened. I guess it was the catch
22 of the XML wasn't corrupt in the old build, but syncing didn't work
quite right for all the folders.

If we didn't have an app that is only available on WinMo 6.5, I've move
to another device, but as it stands that isn't happening.

Anyone have any ideas?