Before going to ZCM11.1 I figured I would take the time to test DR our ZCM10.3a environment, then test an upgrade to 11.1. However I have expereinced an issue with bundles not being delivered from the server.

Our LIVE environment
External OEM sybase database
2 Primaries for content and roles All content uploaded to the content-repo
1 Primary for Reporting

For DR testing, I figured I could get away with
External Database and 1 primary.

Built a test lab with same IP addressing DNS resolution.
Backed up database and 1st ZCM primary server. Certificate backup, zenserver-backup
Built the database
Built the primary server

Ran zenserver-restore
Ran CAE import
Copied the database live
Copied content-repo live

Reset all services on database and ZCM primary
Verified rules that the only server with conent, auhentication role is this ZCM server.

Registered a new client content that requires a registry key or launch command works. All content that requires downloading fails, saying unable to contact the zenworks server, when I look in the logs I see it mentioning the zc file it want to download. I get a bad entry, If I review the location on the server its there. But the URL doesn't work.

Anyone expereinced similar issues, maybe a step I've missed. I'm reluctant to patch the server to ZCM11.1 until this issue is resolved.