Let me try and state this correctly.
I am starting to migrate to win 7. However w/ Novell Client 2 SP1 I cannot logon to network. Without first adding the user to the Computer in computer management.
It's like the "account created by Novell workstation manager" does not work. With XP the first time a user logons on to Novell the Novell workstation manager creates the account. But I have not had that happen with Windows 7. I have to add the user to the workstation first, in computer manager. Then they can logon. If I don't all I get is "change window password at first successful logon. And of course the user can't logon until I add them, in computer manager.

Hope this makes sense. The first couple of times, I thought this was odd. But now that I have started adding many win7 computers I found this happens with every single first time logon.
For an entire department this is not going to work. Any ideas?
Thank You