A few months ago, I ran into issues where Delete inhibit or Rename inhibit causes issues with AFP users modifying items in there user folder. All the user folders have rename and delete inhibit applied to stop users from deleting and renaming user folders. Novell did create a TID (7009354) on it back in September with a couple of workarounds and a field patch. I contacted support and was able to get the field patch and it fixed the issue. Then yesterday I applied the November Maintenance updates for OES2 SP3 and it again cause the delete and rename inhibit issues. Luckily I kept the field test file and replaced the newer afptcpd file with the older field test file.

So here are my questions:

1. Is anyone else having this issue with AFP?
2. The field test afptcpd file has a creation date of 9/8/2011. Typically how long does it take for a patch to become part of a maintenance release?
3. Will it ever be fixed, or will I just have to live with the fact of students renaming and deleting user folders?