I have been fighting this forever and still cannot seem to come up with an easy way to make the whole Time Zone thing work.
Here is the situation:
I am in Mountain time zone
I want to create appointments for some conference sessions taking place at a conference in CA (Pacific Time)
If I go by the conference schedule and schedule an appointment in my groupwise for say 8:00 AM and go to select Time Zone and make it Pacific for that particular appointment it still shows up on my calendar @ 8:00 AM and even worse when I get to the conference and want to follow the appointment on my mobile device, which is now set for pacific time zone, the appointment shows up @ 7:00 am. So I invariably have to go in and change the time for every single conference session.
I know I could simply just create the appointment for 9:00 am Mountain Time and it would all be OK once I am in the pacific time zone, but it just seems like there should be an easier way to do this than to have to do all that translation in my head every time I create the appointment.
I am sure this is just me seeing things the wrong way or something but if anyone has any good ideas I am willing to try them.