I'm truying to automate the client upgrade in Windows 7 to Cleint2 sp2, AND
change some fo the workstation client properties at the same time.

As per the instructions for the client update I have turned on ACU on the
client, and turned on the update path (trying both a unc and then a mapped
drive as part of my testing).

I have copied the new client into the default location --- as per the path
setting above, and used nciman to create a new NovellClientProperties.txt
file and stored it in the root of the client folder --- with setup.exe and
acu.exe. I have also modified the install.ini inserting
NovellClientPropertiesFile=NovellClientPropertiesF ile.txt under novell
client properties file section

When I tirhg click the N and selelct "Update Novell Client" on a workstation
running client2 sp1 I get "No uipdate for novell client could be found"

If I use the run dialog to run acu.exe from the server folder containing the
SP2 files the update starts, but I get and error: " Could not find
NovellCleitnProperties.txt file". the client files are then copied to the
workstation and the update starts, -- with another complaint about not being
able to find the properties file -- and completes successfully. However,
there are no changes to the client properties --- couldn't find the
NovellClientProperties.txt file.

ASnybody got any suggestions?