We have been running Zenworks for Desktops 7 for a while and have used ZfD to push Group Policies to WinXPSP3 workstations very successfully. We recently moved to NCOmputing's VSpace and X550 desktop virtualization kits. ZfD successfully pushed Group Policies to the virtual desktops. VSpace also uses group policies to configure the workstations. All was well.

We are in the process of switching over to ZCM 11.1. I have noticed that Group Policies pushed with ZCM 11 do not apply to the very same machines that had been working great with ZfD 7. In addition, Group Policies pushed with ZCM will reset some policy settings that VSpace uses.

I am confused. Why would one version of Zenworks work so nicely and the latest version not? Do the two somehow handle Group Policies differently? If so, does anyone know how?