I'm posting this to help anyone that wants to track these things down on
their servers and also to see if someone's found a better way to do it.
Servers in question happen to be Netware but it should work the same
on any platform. Download Microsoft Log Parser 2.2 (works fine on win
xp and win 7)

Now say I have an L drive and I need to find anything that exceeds a
total of 260 characters.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Log Parser 2.2>logparser "select path from n:\*.*
where strlen(path)>247" -i:FS -recurse:-1 > c:\files\n-paths.txt

Now I went with 247 because you need to account for the difference
between your map and the actual UNC path length. That's going to vary
based on the environment.

Some of my servers finished in a few hours, but one volume with 3+ TB
and a ton of small files has been running for over a day and is still
cranking away. I have no idea how log parser decides to do things as
it's clearly not alphabetic. It seems to skip around. If it was in the
W's I'd say it was almost done, but It will be in the W's then the R's,
and the C's then the R's again and then T's etc.

So that works. (And wow there are a lot more of them than I thought, we
have some very verbose people here.)

Is there a better way that doesn't involve writing something in say VB?