During an across-the-wire migration last night from NW 6.5 SP8 to VMware5/NW6.5 SP8 pre-mig state, the install failed after the destination server took on the role of the source server and the source server had been automatically downed. The destination server froze around 44% during the product install step when the OS CD was still in - it never asked us to insert the product CD. So, we ended up having to power off/on the Netware VM.

When it comes back up now, it gives an error: 'an error occurred while opening the response file' and stops after loadstage 4 with NICI errors. We believe this is just the install caught in the middle, but aren't sure how to proceed. We can manually load startup.ncf and mount the volumes and some of the loadstages and autoexec.ncf, but cannot load DS and many of the NLMS - due to the NICI error we believe. We see all of the correct data on the drive, so we are hopeful we can get this server up.

We tried a few things overnight on the destination server (Novell won't support us until Monday morning, although we opened a ticket). We found a TID on the NICI error, but it didn't work (NFK replacement). We still get the NICI errors and it still stops loading at loadstage 4. We tried deleting c:\nwserver registry files, nope. We tried renaming the nwupdate and nwinst (something like that) directories on C:, which removed the 'error opening response' message, but still puts us at LStage4.

We considered bringing back up the source server, but were concerned about doing this without Novell's help. We do have the \system\nuw30\ndsbu ds backup file on the source server, but since the destination server did actually become the source server before the product install freeze, we weren't positive if we could just use nwconfig/Directory Options/
Directory backup and restore options/Restore local NDS information after hardware upgrade and VOILA, back in business until we retry migration another day. We cannot get DS to load on the new server, to remove DS.

We would much rather get the 'new' server up and running, if possible. But, we're open to bringing back up the old server for today, if that's a better route right now.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.