Trying to follow instructions as set forth in Caledonia manual to do what I thought would be an easy move of domain and post office to SLES 11.1. No such luck. Apparently the ncpmount fails because no ncpfs files are installed? Nothing appears to be on the DVD that came with new Dell server that would install ncpfs. There is an NCPFS directory under .../kernal/fs. ... So, can't run dbcopy. ... I have manually copied the entire post office files to new server, and if not for the need to convert them to lower case I probably could use them as is and install agent. I tried to run dbcopy against the manually copied files and got an error. I thought about manually changing each file to lower case, but only until I figured it would be impossible to do. ... Help and advise greatly appreciated. I either need a batch way to change all files to lower case, or a way to map and mount to the netware files.