Hi All,

I seem to have run out of ideas on this one. First a bit of background, the Zone is running on a Single VM with around 200 client machines.

Windows 7
SLES 10 Sp3
ZCM 10.3.0a
Sybase DB

As of a couple of days ago, freshly Imaged Windows 7 machines are no longer able to reliably install bundles. Some work, most don't and there is no pattern. Most of the bundles are not new, so they shouldn't be currently caching and incrementing the Version doesn't seem to help (tried on a couple of test apps to no avail). Below is the errors seen in the workstation log

 [ERROR] [12/12/2011 08:53:37.276] [1160] [ZenworksWindowsService] [32] [] [BundleManager] [ActionMan.FailureProcessingActionException] [Failed to process action: Information for id 859697e9979a4088ac4e6e808931c0e3 has not been cached.] [] [e1f9aa98563e68411c835baa2bb6da43] 
 [ERROR] [12/12/2011 09:23:02.979] [1160] [ZenworksWindowsService] [52] [] [BundleManager] [ActionMan.FailureProcessingActionException] [Failed to process action: Information for id b7be167fcd9a4106aa7113920570caed has not been cached.] [] [55c2b812e80014d954786047875f693b] 
 [ERROR] [12/12/2011 09:23:07.182] [1160] [ZenworksWindowsService] [53] [] [BundleManager] [ActionMan.FailureProcessingActionException] [Failed to process action: Information for id 16290d1d09164821846f018bd5c70bf3 has not been cached.] [] [08296d70d8552fb15a2dd852536ad8be]
The Windows XP machines are all working fine (freshly imaged/existing) and existing Windows 7 machines don't appear to have any problems. I dug around the documentation to see if I could get the server to expire and rebuild the cache, but I couldn't see anything. I've also tried local machine cache clears, unregistering/registering, uninstalling/installing, fresh image (which installs the client after booting), updating the client installer etc. I note even the PRU fails to install.

If someone knows the command to clear + rebuild the server cache for a bundle, that would be appreciated. I am aware that we are a bit behind patch wise and it's something that will be rectified upon my return from holidays, however I kinda need to get it working in the interim.

I will probably open a SR, I know they'll be asking us to update our version though. If anything comes of it I will post here.