I have two servers running NW65sp4A (different trees). I initially
installed BM3.8 patched to sp4 with VPN services ( Firewall services to
follow after I know I have VPN working).
My problem is that it appears to be working but its not working. I can
open my Windows Explorer (from the SLAVE side network) and reach the
MASTER, authenticate and open files. The MASTER NRM VPN monitor shows 1
(one) Active Connections 0 (zero) Packets Received and lots of Packets
Sent. The VPN Member List Status shows both servers as “Being
Configured”. The Audit Log has two recurring RED entries:
* Failed VPN member notifications. Will retry in 15 minutes
* Failed configuring VPN member iSync. Failed establishing connection
from master to member.
Also, from the MASTER I can ping the near side tunnel address but not the
far side tunnel address