Our environment is Zenworks 11 (no SP), workstations XP SP3. eDirectory is used for authentication.

This is now a second case where one workstation loses its ability to log in to Zenworks. We have DLU configured and normally Zenworks login is transparent for the users. On one workstation, Zenworks is somehow broken so that user cannot login to Zenworks. Not only does the passive mode login not work, but also the login window does not open when right-clicking on the Zenworks tray icon and choosing Login. When I do this, nothing seems to happen at all.

I cranked up the logging on workstation to Debug level, but the log is huge and there is nothing in it that says YOU CANNOT LOGIN BECAUSE A GOAT HAS NOT BEEN SACRIFICED or similar clear error that would catch my eye. Windows event log shows only 'normal' zenworks errors (bundles not being launched because they are configured to run once, some bundle failing to launch because the program exited with error code 1, etc).

zac cc does not help. zac unr / zac reg works fine, but does not help. Removing and re-installing Zenworks agent, Novell Client and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 does not help. Problem affects only one workstation, all other 350+ workstations are working fine. When this happened the first time, we 'solved' it by re-installing the workstation from scratch, but now another workstation has the same problem, I'm afraid that this won't be the last time when this will bite us. Any ideas are appreciated.