I am trying to figure out how OES will handle its IP address being
changed under the covers, and related implications.

Using VMWare's Site Recovery Manager (SRM), a guest machine such as one
running OES, can be restarted in another location (disaster recovery)
but with a new (preconfigured) IP address feed to it via the VMWare
Tools agent running on the server.

Has anyone worked with this and can point me to any documentation on
Otherwise, has anyone collected a list of where an OES server stashes
its IP address and if anyone has written the scripts to make those
changes? I certainly have ideas about what I'll need to do, but hoping
someone has done that leg work that I can expand on.
Certainly there will be eDir issues, such as how will the servers find
each other when they are all on new IP addresses, but only know of each
other by the old IP addresses?

Andy Konecny
KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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