We are in the process of transferring out the few remaining NetWare servers we have and replacing them with OES2SP3. I have taken care of the ones at our main site, and all is well and good with them at this point. No major issues to speak of during the transfers.

It's now time to set up the transfer ID process for two servers at two different remote locations and this is where I'm feeling a little intimidated, or at least would like a sanity check before I drive 300 miles for nothing. (fortunately, that's the round trip distance, but still....)

The issue that worries me the most; when we run the migration the pre-migration server is supposed to be a member of the same tree as the source server, and it should be same subnet as well. It is the same tree here, but definitely not the same subnet. I could setup a local/test LAN that would match that of the remote site, but then I wouldn't have access to the tree.

I have seen a "change IP address" script for OES2SP3 out there somewhere (I guess I should have bookmarked it, heh), so at this point I'm thinking my best option is to set it up locally on a local IP address with direct access to the tree, and then when it's done updating and I'm ready for the migration then I run the IP change script, load it up and take it with me to the remote location so I can actually perform the transfer ID migration. Am I missing something? Would it be important to change the IP when I'm there as opposed to here, or vice versa? Is there another method entirely I should look at, or least likely of all might I be on the right path already? ;)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!