I have just started to upgrade my BM3.7 systems to BM3.8 and am having
the following problem


Novell VPN client 3.8.9
Novell client
Windows XP + all MS patches upto yesterday
NO client fire wall enabled


NW 6.5 SP 4a (OES installion + patch update)
BM 3.8 SP 4
TCP/IP stack 6.71.06
Only the VPN part of BM installed
Independent Public and Private Network cards
Dynamic NAT placed on the Private (inner) network
Newly configured VPN objects within the eDir tree
Read/Write partition on the server (including server def)
Filters as installed by BM (also tested with no filters)

The following problem is seen when using set tcp ip debug = 1 and doing a
ping from the workstation to a server within the company network

a)Packet received from ws's public address to VPN servers public address
b)Packet unpacked to become a ping from the ws's allocated VPN address to
the target server's address
c)Packet convered to become a ping from the VPN server's internal address
to the target server's address (the dynamic NAT)
d)Packet received back ftom the target server to the VPN server's
internal address

At this point the packet trail stops, The packet should be un-NATed and
then passed back towards the ws but this does not happen. Also within
monitor no packets are showing as leaving via the IP tunnel, while
received packets are shown.

Any ideas anyone.