We're using the Novell Netware flavor of iPrint (6.5 sp8 + post iPrint service packs). In this case, applying a copier (Cannon Image Pass U1 - aka Fiery) driver to XP.

The driver is uploaded to the Broker and installs ok to windows XP with the default settings.

A couple of settings need changed. One setting is under Installable Options / Two-Way Communication. DNS / IP of the copier to retrieve Installed Options. The driver defaults the DNS / IP to "ipp".

I am attempting to create a profile that will insert the DNS / IP settings for Two-Way Communication. I can create the profile with the DNS / IP settings (plus other custom settings) then upload.

Problem, when I install the driver with the profile, the DNS / IP settings for Two-Way Communication reverts back to "ipp" and does not allow change.

Users are getting delay when they try to display printer properties (likely because of the bad DNS / IP setting).

Any ideas in how to deploy the Two-Way Communication setting with the driver / Profile?

Thanks in advance