Hi... first post in a very long time. I am reviewing the documentation for the new OES11 that was released today and have a few questions for clarificaiton.

1) Is OES11 supported on vmware vsphere? There was no mention of this in the virtualization section 10.0 of the install guide, only as a host machine or Xen or KVM guest.

2) Is OES11 supported on the Vmware-supplied version of SLES11? This would be kinda' cool, but I'm guessing that Novell won't support this method.

3) Migration from Netware... my edir tree master server is a Netware 6.5SP8 box that I've hung on to for years. It only runs edir, but it just works.... Its time to rip it out, as well as my Netware dns/dhcp servers. Any issues migrating edir master replica over to an OES11 box? Any dns/dhcp migration issues of the same sort?

I want to get all my ducks in a row before any upgrades happen.