S2S VPN master stuck in being configured in Remote Manager

I had a bad upgrade from skip to ike. The VPN is now all IKE and
functional. All sites can see each other. In iManager the definitions
look correct.

In NRM the proper servers show up. The slaves are Up-to-date. However
the Master status is Being Configured. When I acquire an Audit log from
the Master, it is trying to contact a couple of old SKIP slaves.

On the Master in inetcfg/Wan Call Directory the old SKIP servers are listed.

In NWADMIN I am unable to configure VPN. It is greyed out and this is
not a VPN Server is the dialog box.

How do I get rid of these dead server links when they aren't showing up
in iManager and NWADMIN VPN config is greyed out?