Netware 6.5 sp3, Border Manager 3.8 sp 4, newest VPN client.

I old days we used Backward-compatibility. But users with same ipadress at
the private part of their net were throwing each other off the vpn.
So we changed to NMAS. Some are still thrown off. Well i have found out: If
they log in with Novell client after VPN-login the connection never breaks.
If not logging on with Novell client, the connection last around 12-15

In VPN-client-to-site-configuration Packet Security is setup as this:
Encryption: RC5
Authentication: HMAC-MD 5

Not sure if this has anything to with it...

Is there an explanation and is there a way to let people login be VPN
without logging in to Novell
Why not log on to Novell?: We do not have single signon and the users wants
to contact Notes and our economic-system both require logon.