I'm trying to get CIFS going on a SLES10sp3 with OES2sp2 but I cant get users to log in properly.

Dec 14 15:17:13 <server> CIFS[19759]: WARNING: CODIR: Failed to authenticate User : <user> from <ip>
Dec 14 15:17:13 <server> CIFS[19759]: CRITICAL: AUTH: Login Failed.tempSES->nwLoginError is -601

So far I have checked:
nmas login metod is there.
Universal password is enabled on container and default login policy (We use IDM as well which requires it too)
cifsproxyuser has the same policy as a working cifsproxyuser (this is our 2nd cifs server)

the only difference is that with our 1st server, cifs was installed during the initial install and it is an sp3 server. With this 2nd server cifs was installed yesterday, and its been running since OES2sp2 was new.

During installation it complained about a policy not being enabled on the user containers, which is where i added the policy to the actual containers afterwards.
This last bit is probably where the problem is .. but I cant find whats wrong.

Anyone any ideas ?