OK. We have been updating/patching one of our servers. We are now stalled out of the update process, and have the following symptoms:

1) When we try to update, SP3 fails with the following error message ;"Cannot access installation media, OES-2 -SP3 - online. Check if the server is accessable..."
Permission to access http... denied."
A similar messaged concerning sles -10 SP4

2) No Macintosh users, using AFP, can log in to this system.

3) Using the standard Novell Client from Windows, even when logged in as Admin, we can see all of our volumes, and read/write as normal, but when looking at SYS:, can only see ._NETWARE, LOGIN and PUBLIC.

4) Console 1 can also only see LOGIN and PUBLIC when browsing to this volume.

I remember back in the days of bindery when seeing only those two folders meant you were not logged in to the server.

How do I get full access to the SYS volume?