Looking at my log files for today for our MTA, I see that at 13:36:05 there are these entries:
13:36:05 832 DIS: Processing restart request from operator
13:36:05 832 DIS: MTA Restart in progress
13:36:43 832 LOG: Logging: Restarted

I can only see the past 3 logs, no other logs are now showing (there were quite a few earlier this morning)

Also, in the main MTA monitor screen (web URL: port 7180) I see this in the alerts:
<12/14/11 13:36:05> DIS: MTA restart in progress
<12/14/11 13:36:37> Waiting for task 'NGW-TCP Master Receive to complete
<12/14/11 13:36:44> DIS: MTA restart completed

I did not initiate this restart, so I am unsure why or who the "operator" was in this case. Are there any additional
log files I can look to to figure out what this all about? Not sure what NGW-TCP Master Receive is, either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!