I'm in the middle of a pilot with iPads and wanted to extend the iFolder functionality so that iPads could be used with this solution.
Since Novell has not posted a client for this platform I downloaded the app made by Mindsizzlers ( iFolder for iPhone and iPad ). At first everything seemed to work just fine, but after rolling out the client to several other iPad users I found out that some of them could not login using the iFolder client for iPad.
I started to investigate and found that more people using this solution have run into the same problem. I even found a bugreport in Novell bugzilla ( https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=694787 ), marking this as a priority 2 bug (about half a year ago). I added a comment to this case, but to date I have not received any reply by Novell whether this bug is going to be fixed or not together with a (realistic) time frame.

So why this thread? I hope to get a definite answer from Novell (either good or bad) so I can wait for a fix or move on to look for another solution.

Best regards.

Paddy Verberne