We have installed two identical BorderManagers (BM38SP4 on NW65SP4a) in
the same container in our eDirectory. One server was installed a few
weeks ago and configured for VPN and proxy services and works without
problems. The second server was installed yesterday.
I've just tried to configure the second one as a VPN server in iManager.
The NBM-VPN server configuration ended up with an error message saying
"unable the create certificate". Since then both servers are gone from
the VPN server list in iManager. When I try to add them, iManager says
"VPN server was not added. The server is already configured as a VPN
server" (translation from the german message I got). So I can't see any
servers, but also can't add them. I can't configure any VPN options at
all now... VPN doesn't work on the new server (which is expected), but
does work on the old server (but I'm too afraid to reload BorderManager
or reboot this machine now, just to test if it fails after reboot. I
need a working VPN...)

Any ideas what I can do next? It looks like some information got messed
up in NDS. Is there any chance to delete all VPN configurations and
start over again without reinstallation the servers or reinstalling BM?
What objects/files do I have to delete?

Thanks in advance,