DataSynchronizer build: 343 (30 users)
SUSE 11.1 (64bit), running on vSphere v4.1
GroupWise 8.02HP2 on NetWare 6.5.8

The /var directory filled up last night on the DataSync server, because
old "trash" items in DataSync had not emptied as I expected it to, and
ground the DataSync server to a stop. I manually removed a 1.7GB trash
folder to free up some space, but now the postgreSQL will not start.

Checking postgreSQL's status (rcpostgresql status) returns: unused

Manually starting postgrSQL (rcpostgresql start) returns: failed

Restarted the server several times already, with no luck. Is the
database trashed? Any troubleshooting suggestions?

If there is little I can do to troubleshoot this, I have a an older
snapshot of the DataSync image, but I may consider totally rebuilding
the server, just to allocate more than 4GB to the /var directory since I
have had an ongoing issue with this running low on space.