We have a consulting company migrating some of our Mailboxes
to another e-mail system. We setup a Trusted Application to
allow for this, but some of the connections are failing with
the following errors:

The source credentials are invalid (Unable to connect to the remote

The source credentials are invalid (GroupWise version '8.0.2 ' is invalid or
is not supported.).

The source credentials are invalid (Client found response content type of

The Company has suggested that these may be "caused by account lockout or
max concurrent logins reached".

The Restrictions setting "maximum concurrent connections", I believe only
apply to the Netware Client and authenticating to our File servers. Could
this be a POA setting for "Max Physical Connections" / "Max App

I've already increased the Max Thread Usage from 50% to 80% and the
Client/Server Handler Threads from 18 to 40.

Any advise would be appreciated!