we are just on our way migrating our file services from NetWare to OES-L.
Now we see that our file space admins are no longer able to set trustees with NetStorage.
They only have got rights to their directories and below.
I did a read in the documentation and it seems that this is a feature, not a bug and nowadays someone who wants to set trustees has to be admin or seciruty aquivalent.

If I grant our file space admins the "file and folders" role in iManager they are able to see all files on the whole volume.
Creating ssh location objects as described in the docs is also not an option because I then have to grant every
lumenabled user ssh access, wouldn't this be a security risk?

So, how do I accomplish the task to grant someone the right to assign trustees who is not able to install a novell client on his workstation?

Worked well while the volumes resided on NetWare....

University of Hamburg,