This may not be a specific BM issue so I'll also post it in the NeWare
section as well...

We have a BM38 server we recently set-up for a client that was originally
running on different hardware. When we did the initial build the server
had 2GB ram.We then mirrored the hard disk and moved the mirror into an
older PC that only has 512MB. We had to fiddle around a bit with LAN cards
but eventually we got it working.

However, what we find is after a few days the Virtual Memory Performance
status within Health Monitor goes Red.

Virtual Memory Performance N/A N/A N/A - this appears red

The pie chart showing memory status shows 94% swapped and 6% physical.

I have followed the recommendations of a Novell TID regarding this but it
doesn't seem to have helped.

Any ideas guys?