We want to create a mail merge (not email merge). The base shall be a gw-addressbook.
First hurdle: How to use the contacts in Word (or any other word processing program). I found a "formativ"-solution, very convenient, but not all fields are exported, i.e. "category". So the only way is to export to a csv and use that in Word. Everything has to be done manually. Very inconvenient.

Next hurdle: The base shall not only be a whole gw-addressbook, but also just the contacts with a certain category.
As far as I can see there is no way to even display certain contacts with a defined category in gw, not to mention to export them.
I would use Word to filter the contacts, but Word has no appropriate filter function, namely a "contains"-filter, which is essential, because the "category" field has a lot of keywords in it.

So I have no choice but using Outlook (2007), which is quite buggy in Windows 7 x64 when connected to gw.

I can't believe there is no solution for this problem. I would appreciate anything, even other applications, that would give us a smooth workflow.

Until now, we are using a third party address management tool, which means to maintain two sources with the same content - one for mail merge (that is the 3rd party tool) and one for email merge (that is gw).

Before I start to program a solution that filters a csv and give that to Word, maybe someone has a hint for me.