GW 8.02, one primary domain, 2 secondary domains.

I was trying to delete one of the secondary domains. It appeared to go ok.

If I am connected to the primary domain, I only see the one secondary domain I wish to keep.

If I connect to that secondary domain, I can see the deleted secondary domain, po's and distribution lists.

When I try to delete them, I get the message "An error occurred converting the GroupWise object to its eDirectory counterpart". I click on "Close" and then get the message "The eDirectory representation of this object could not be found. Delete the GroupWise representation of this object anyway?"

If I click yet, the deleted object stays pending forever.

If I connect to the deleted secondary domain clicking on Tools/System Maintenance, I never get a maintenance window.

The choice to associate the gw objects to edirectory objects is blank.

Any idea how I can recover from this?