Is the OES11 lack of 32-bit support a concern for other customers?

What will it take for Novell / Attachmate to reconsider the decision to support only 64 bit in OES11?

83% of our OES2 servers are 32 bit and do not need additional storage and memory as provided by 64 bit SLES.

The cost to replace hardware (which we have not got return on investment yet) is substantial.

The impact to our user community is substantial for migrations to another system, just because it doesn't support 32 bit.

These two factors alone provide sufficient business justification to abandon OES and adopt the competitor MS platform.

Is loosing customers from OES to MS sufficient business justification for Novell / Attachment to provide OES11 32 bit support.

Whom in Novell can I discuss this with that will actually listen and consider?

MS warned their users that 32 bit support would be discontinued. If Novell would have warned us that OES11 was the last product to support 32 bit then I would applaud!

I look forward to hearing response from Novell and other customers regarding this issue. Are we really alone or is this an issue for other customers?