This is more of a note for people...

I have been flushing out the 'Adobe Flash Player (Other
Browsers) for Windows (Full/Upgrade) (All Languages)' patch recently and
noticed if Firefox is running when the patch tries to install it errors out.

Looking in the application event log I see:

Category: ActionManager
ActionMan.ActionContinueOnFailure: The action (ID:VerifyBundle) failed due
to the reason : Adobe Flash Player (Other Browsers)
fo--678927496, however the action is set to continue on failure.

File Name: install_flash_player_32bit.exe
An error was returned from the MSI Installer while install the patch.
Error Returned: 1041

I assume the 1041 error is something to do with Firefox running and the
patch could not continue. I would guess this is not fixable as the the
Flash plugin needs Firefox shutdown to install. Maybe a note on the patch
would help out.

Server - ZCM 11.1 w/ all released patches on Win2008R2x64
Client - ZCM 11.1 w/ all released patches on Win7x64

Beast Regards,
Jim Koerner