Our System: SLES 10sp3/ OES2sp2 with Zenworks 7

We are using a Canon IR 5075 N copier. It needs a User-ID / password identification.

I can install the Canon standard PCL6 driver for using this printer.
Now I tried to transport the printer driver with iManager (take a driver installed in your system...) for using it with iPrint, but the driver will not be shown in Windows XP (and also in Windows 7) driver list. The CANON driver comes with a setup.exe, so I cannot choose an oemsetup.inf file.

So I tried to build a Zenworks 7 application by using snapshot but after installing the printer-driver produces a "communication does't work"- error.

I think, the reason of the problem bases on the necessity to communicate with the network printer in both directions. Is there any possibility to install this kind of printer using iPrint or do have I to do a PC by PC installation (much work with 280 PCs...).