Server : oes2sp2 + [root] R/w Replic. server name: ERCOG
with GW8.0.2HP3 ( 2 MTA agents and 4 POA agents).
without IDM !!!.

I the "Admin-defined fileds..." was add:
Admin Defined 1 <unused>
Admin Defined 2 SpeedDial1
Admin Defined 3 SpeedDial2
Admin Defined 4 SubDepart
Admin Defined 5 Full Name

All this work OK. and in GroupWise Address book i see this fields for every user.
this is OK.

SecondaryDomain: KUJBD. In this KUJBD - PostOffice KUJBP.
I will tell about KUJBP.KUJBD.

In the iManager for user mmyznikova.kujbp.kujbd change Full Name. And save.

1) From the GUI console on this server Run C1.
2) Log in to the eDIR. this is OK.
3) Select Primary Groupwise Domain: /......./primd
("Tools" | "GroupWise System Operations" | "Select Domain..." )
this is Ok.
4) In the C1 , below "GroupWise System" open:
In a window on the right I see the list of users groupwise.
this is Ok.
5) Has passed in a window on the right. (Where the list of users groupwise) and press Ctrl-A
Result - all users are chosen.
this is Ok.
6) "Tools" | "GroupWise Utilities" | "Synchronize..."
Press "Yes"...and "Ok"
7) from the WorkStation (xp) open in the on-line mode gw8.0.2hp3 windows client.
8) open "Novell GroupWise Address Book", select user: mmyznikova and see:
Field "Full Name" HAS not changed !!!

Wait 5 min. again steps from 4 ...8 and again:
Field "Full Name" HAS not changed !!!

If on the Step 5 not to choose ALL users, and to choose only mmyznikova.
And then to press "sunchronize..." ,
That on a step 8 I will see the new (changed) value of a field "Full name" !!!

Comments and-or recommendations are?