I've had a user account on a Blackberry for 5 years, always worked fine connecting to Groupwise via IMAP. We recently upgraded this person's phone, and not it will not connect. At first I thought it was the phone, or US Cellular, but I cannot add this address to an AT&T Blackberry either.

Is it possible that Groupwise is blocking ONE device from accessing the account? I have no idea how that would happen, but unless Blackberry had blacklisted that one address, I am out of solutions. I can add multiple other email accounts on that same PO/Server to the Blackberry device. I just cannot get this one account to add. I can login using the same information to the Client and WebAccess, even access WebAccess on the Blackberry that's having problems, I just cannot get it to connect to my mail server using this one account and I am going crazy!

Any ideas?

GroupWise 8.0.1